Past Chapter Presidents

78January 2024 Max A. Furtado
77January 2023January 2024Matt Haverty
76November 2022January 2023Joe R. Mundell
75November 2021November 2022Travis C. Enochs
74December 2020August 2021Zachary Duane
73December 2020November 2021Chris R. Saba
72April 2020December 2020Drew M. Myler
71November 2019April 2020Jack E. Garrison
70December 2018November 2019Tyler E. Smith
69May 2018December 2018Jack E. Garrison
68June 2017May 2018Joe A. Widacki
66May 2017May 2017Joe A. Widacki
67May 2017June 2017Harrison J. Neider
65April 2016May 2017Harrison J. Neider
64April 2015April 2016Hunter Holle
63May 2014April 2015Oliver Casanova
62April 2013May 2014Joshua P. Chipley
61December 2012April 2013Marc Benitez
60December 2011December 2012Rex A. Mann
59December 2010December 2011Toby A. Castro
58January 2010December 2010Zachary Aeschleman
57September 2009January 2010Ian Estrada-Paniagua
56November 2008September 2009Edwin Greer
55January 2008November 2008Brett Shulman
54February 2007January 2008Cody Neukom
53August 2005May 2006Blake T. Stratton
52April 2004January 2005Jerry G. Lauersdorf III
51February 2003April 2004Marc Iacono-Harris
50January 2002February 2003David T. Cardinal
49May 2001January 2002Ralph F. Reuss IV
48August 2000May 2001Robert A. Klementich
47May 2000August 2000Adam R. Czajkowski
46July 1999May 2000Mark J. Hammond, Jr.
45January 1998July 1999Nathan T. Wittman
44April 1997January 1998David Borum
43March 1996April 1997Michael K. Butler
42March 1995March 1996Jeffrey G. Planck
41April 1994March 1995Christopher C. Salinas
40November 1992April 1994James D. Meinen
39February 1992December 1992Mr. Erich M. Ploog
38August 1991May 1991Daniel Reid
37August 1990May 1990Mr. Jeff E. Foley
36August 1989May 1989Kevin B. Spires
35August 1988May 1988Dennis S. Horst, M.D.
34August 1987May 1987Thomas J. Molloy
33August 1986May 1986Thomas J. Molloy
32August 1985May 1985Richard W. Klase, Jr.
31August 1984May 1984Michael D. O'Connor
30August 1983May 1983Michael K. Lolley
29August 1982May 1982Duane Hooper
28August 1981May 1981John F. Maldonado
26August 1980May 1980Paul C. Sauer
27August 1980May 1980Paul C. Sauer
25August 1979May 1979Danny W. Davis
24August 1977May 1978Ronnie Middleton
23August 1976May 1977David J. Mitchell
22August 1975May 1975Wade W. Wiley II
21August 1973May 1974Kenneth G. Crouch
20August 1972May 1972Roger M. Barber
19August 1971May 1971James R. Millikan
18August 1970May 1970Bob D. Planck
17January 1970May 1971Bob D. Planck
16August 1969May 1969Lester W. Keaton, Jr.
15August 1968May 1968Richard E. Bowers
14August 1967May 1967Richard M. Smith
13August 1966May 1966William R. Taylor
12August 1964May 1965Howard D. Hughes
11August 1963May 1964George C. Taulbee, Jr.
10August 1962May 1963George C. Taulbee, Jr.
9August 1961May 1962Jay J. Sloan III
8August 1960May 1961Peter L. Skaalen
7August 1959May 1960Jerry D. Deere
6August 1958May 1959Peter L. Skaalen
5August 1957May 1958Allen W. Ericson
4January 1957December 1957Millard F. Harmon III
3August 1956May 1956Gene C. Hammons
1  Robert E. Hammer
2  Robert E. Hammer

The Epsilon-Omicron Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at University of Houston was installed as a chapter on May 26, 1956.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.